Boxes - The Accumulation of Hafiz Divinatory Poems
2002-2003. Installation with Sound. 25 boxes showing pieces of Hafiz’ “divinatory poems” through their windows. Inside the boxes is darkened with smoke. two women are reading the poems. The words are repeated without being recognized what exactly is being said

2002. (14 x 19 x 8 cm), “Accumulation des parchemins” (The Accumulation of Prayers), Covered Box with a Window. This work represents the society I was raised in: an old, superstitious, covered, and closed society.

2002 - 2003. (150 x 148 cm). One Thousand and One Ties. Installation made of Iranian, French, and English newspapers sewed to a piece of cloth. The work symbolizes the complicated political issues of the Middle East. It also is a reference to an old Iranian tradition of making a tie in a sacred place when one has a wish.

2002. A knot made of Persian newspapers.

The Eyes
1997 - 2000. (300 x 100 cm); 1600 ( papier mâché) “eyes” made of Iranian newspapers. “The Eyes” represents the social pressures that results in self-censorship. These social pressures includes the traditional values and moralities that control every person in the society through the eyes of the family, neighbours, and public in general.

The Women
1997 - 2000. (220 x 335 cm). Installation containing 400 women made of papier mâché. Tinted Collage. Every piece is about 20 cm. This work is about sexual and religious discrimination, unification of women, and the destruction of individual identities in Iran.

2002 - 2003. (36 x 22 cm). Self-portrait. Installation containing Siamese twins made of (papier mâché). Tinted. The work is made of Iranian and French newspapers. The white parts of the work are made with the French papers and the dark parts with the Iranian ones, symbolizing the interaction between the two cultures.

There is no color darker that black
2003. 105 books, 12 by 16 cm in size, made of newspapers colored in black (using “mixed techniques). A tribute to the 105 publications that were closed down during the last six years in Iran.

2002. Installation, Téhéran. An Islamic black cloak and another one made of banners which are used for religious mourning.